Called To His Cross

If Jesus called you to His cross
Today to die with Him,
Are you ready now for the loss,
To see earthís light grow dim?

Eleven souls so long ago,
Then lacked the strength to see.
What made their faith so swiftly grow?
From the tomb He was set free.

For they did see Him face to face.
He walked and talked with them.
A miracle for us; Godís grace
For all from His cross stemmed.

Jesus the man had really died,
Yet here He was again.
To understand they surely tried.
He showed no grief or pain.

Their faith arose anew that day
When He appeared so real.
No more would they from His path stray.
What joy they all did feel.

The Bible tells us all of this,
Christís story we well know.
Have you received this gift of His?
Does your faith really show?

Eleven doubted long ago,
Then Christ died and arose.
Believe in Him and let others know.
Your faith will grow and grow.

If you let Christ within your heart
And never from Him stray,
Be sure Heíll never from you part.
Salvationís yours one day.