Evil Attracts

Who will you make your Lord? asks Jesus of each one
Will you believe My word? asks Godís only Son

Some worship at the shrine of evil all their days
But Christ is yours and mine, if from Him weíll not stray

So easy to deny our need for Him each day
And then not even try, to follow Christ and pray

Think only of ourselves, each one as "number one"
And never even think about the Three In One

To gamble, cheat or steal, or gossip unkind words
Our thoughts will all reveal, where we end afterwards

We may do nothing wrong and live our whole life through
But never sing the song of Jesus to be true

Good folks may reach lifeís end, and never know our Lord
But Jesus said, my friend, you must believe My word

So give some thought and care to how you live each day
Do unto others what? share His word with them today

Life here on earth will end one day for all of us
Will He His Angels send, because in Him you trust?

How can you know for sure, He will forgive your sins?
If your faith is pure, a place in Heaven youíll win

The choices all are yours, Christ lets each one decide
If you take Satanís lure, youíre not on Jesusí side

So know and love our Lord, become His child today
Then He will keep His word, youíll see His face one day