Celebrate Christís Coming

Celebrate Christ's entry into your heart today.

Smile! Jesus your Savior will lead you all the way.

Palm branches and hosannas sprang forth so long ago,

To signify His entry as faith began to grow.

Palm Sunday we recall. The day the throng began

to watch Him that last week, as crowds before Him ran.

None but our Lord knew what lay just five days hence.

Upon a hill, Golgatha, one thief says he repents,

So now we sing of palms. Do we strew them for Him?

We also sing hosannas. Is our faith bright or dim?

Christ invites us each day to not follow the crowds.

But live for all to know we see beyond life's clouds.

Know we can have a Savior if only we believe,

and live as He taught us, His blessings to receive.

Hosanna! Christ does live! He's with you every day.

Love Him, pray, tell others and in your heart He'll stay.