Could They Believe

Eleven souls in torment, the day that Jesus died.

They’ve killed our Lord and Master the sad disciples cried.

Their hopes had been extinguished. What would each of them do?

Return to homes and families? Forget the Lord they knew?

The crowds were all rejoicing to see the cross-strewn hill.

So little did they realize that Christ was living still.

The tomb was like a fortress, the stone a solid rock.

Its emptiness discovered, produced a mighty shock.

Disciples blamed the guardian entrusted with its care.

But all agreed, His body no longer rested there.

Angels revealed the story. It seemed beyond belief.

They’d seen Him dead and buried. What could assuage their grief?

Who would believe their finding? All knew that He had died

upon the Hill Golgotha. Jesus was crucified.

But then a short time later, and not to only one,

our Lord appeared among them. God’s true and only Son.

Imagine how they greeted one who they thought was dead.

His hands, His feet, His body, the thorns upon His head!

Eleven slowly perceived what He had said was true!

Their faith is our example today for me and you.

We think that it was easy for them to see the truth.

That He had told them rightly from His own early youth.

From teaching in the temple, to leading them in prayer.

They realized God’s own Son was actually there.

And how did all this change them, eleven lonely men?

The fire Christ lit in each heart would ne’er go out again.

Their faith was an example to people far and wide.

Christ lives and we have seen Him, in unison they cried!

We think it would be easy to follow Him today.

If we had seen what they saw, heard what He had to say.

So don’t give in to doubting, for He is always here.

He’ll speak if you will listen. He’ll banish every fear.

It does not mean in this life that all for you goes well.

Some will reject and scorn you, when Jesus’ tale you tell.

To truly be a Christian and live it every day,

Is something that takes doing. It’s not just what we say.

Temptations face us daily, for they are all around.

Where can we seek for guidance? In Him it can be found.

His Holy word to guide us is all we need to know,

And to all those who you meet, your love of Christ will show.

His promise is so simple. It is for all to know.

God has your place in Heaven, if you’ll agree to go.

But how to find the real key to Heaven is our fear.

The course in that direction, for all time He made clear.

Only believe and have faith. Christ is Lord over all.

Live as Jesus instructed. Answer His beckoning call.

Easy to say; but follow, and live your life each day,

copying Christ’s example? This is no flow’r-strewn way.

Each must decide how to live. One path leads up, one down.

We must believe and follow, to one day see the crown.