Learn of the table of Jesus,
Where you can sup with our God,
Christ blesses those who believe Him,
And follow the path that He trod,

Come to the table of Jesus,
Share in the grace that He gives,
Feel in yourself His compassion,
Proof for you that Jesus lives,

Kneel at the table of Jesus,
Youíll feel in your heart His love,
Know that Christ died for all our sins,
Then returned to Heaven above,

Eat at the table of Jesus,
Feed on the wine and the bread,
Knowing the wonder of Easter,
Our Lord is no longer dead,

Pray at the table of Jesus,
Give thanks for His death for you,
Ask His forgiveness for your sins,
Promise to Him youíll be true,

Go from the table of Jesus,
With faith secure in your Lord,
Knowing salvation by Godís grace,
Help others live by His word.