Hope From Jesus

Hope is what Jesus Christ brought us,
When the babe came as a man,
Showing how we should live our lives,
Thatís how His teaching began,

Hope that all folk would believe Him,
Was what He felt on this earth,
Starting the night that He was born,
A miracle was His birth,

Hope that eleven were faithful,
After His death on the cross,
And spread good news of salvation,
Else His death here was a loss,

Hope had St. Paul and St. Peter,
That their sparks would light a flame,
And that with Christ as our Savior,
Our lives would never be the same,

Hope carried on through the ages,
Jesusí message never has changed,
Believe and follow His bidding,
Thus salvation is arranged,

Hope is eternal for all souls,
This life is brief at its best,
Follow Christ and be certain,
That with our Lord you shall rest.