Sinning Still

Oh Lord you know that Iíve sinned oíer and oíer,
But even worse, I keep on sinning more,

Although I try to follow Jesusí path,
Alone I canít seem to escape Your wrath,

Itís not that I donít try to do Your will,
Each new day comes and I am sinning still,

The power of Satan on me every day,
Persists even though daily to you I pray,

My weakness seems to overcome my strength,
Temptations often do overwhelm me at length,

You have given me so much of earthly goods,
Yet to the poor I do not give as I should,

Poverty, starvation and disease,
Do not arouse me, living in my ease,

Lord help me overcome my weakness now,
As I struggle to follow Christ somehow,

If I could only live more like He did,
Then Iíd not try to keep my own life hid,

So Lord please give me strength to somehow be,
More and more like Christ, and of sin set free.