The Light of Christ

The sun warms the forests and mountains,
And all of this world’s seven seas,
Reaching the earth from so far away,
A gift of our God that is free,

The light of the sun brightens each day,
For earth’s creatures both great and small,
Could not exist without the sun’s rays,
Through Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall,

But what of this planet without it,
For a month or even a year?
To the creatures living upon it,
All would perish, that is quite clear,

The same is true of the light of Christ,
Which can shine in your heart each day,
If you truly believe in Jesus,
And to Him you earnestly pray,

But the light of His truth cannot enter,
Your heart unless you let it in,
Then it will illuminate your life,
And wash away all of your sins,

Without Jesus’ light in your own heart,
You have no hope when this life ends,
Believe in Christ, follow His footsteps,
This is the message God sends.