Our Choices

Jesus calls us each to serve Him,
His word reaching out to all.
No one is left out of His love,
He embraces great and small.

Do you accept Him as your Master,
every day here in this life?
Or mostly go on your own way,
embattled in this earthís strife?

Temptations and troubles assail
each of us often you know.
But unless you will accept Him
in your heart, His love canít grow.

Patiently, He never gives up
On any of us each day.
Christís message is always aimed at you.
Will you accept Him today?

All others must choose their own path,
but only you can choose your own.
Have you truly accepted Christ
and has your faith daily grown?

No one does He force to believe,
yet access to God is never denied.
Believe in Him and truly repent.
It was for you that Jesus died.