Nowhere to Hide

There is nowhere that we can hide
our thoughts and actions deep inside.

For Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
knows all the sins of everyone.

His Spirit always in our midst,
nothing from Him is ever hid.

Perceiving all we say and do,
from birth to death our whole life through.

And when your life comes to an end,
what sort of message will you send?

That in Jesus you did believe,
with hope your soul He will receive?

Each day brings opportunity
to let others Christ in you see,

How are you doing with this life
God gave you, amid this earth’s strife?

Working for Jesus every day,
as daily to your Lord you pray?

Worshipping Jesus as He asks?
Spending your days doing His tasks?

Or thinking more of earthly things,
like which choices will to you more gold bring?

Riches we gain in life on earth
surely will one day have no worth.

Belief in Christ our greatest need.
For if His word we truly heed,

then there’s no fear of what’s ahead.
Knowing our soul will ne’er be dead.