Another Day

Thanks Lord for another day,
as to you I humbly pray.
Grateful for the chance to live,
trusting that you will forgive
what I think and do and say.
Not as You would here today.

Gratitude is what I feel,
as before You now I kneel.
Giving thanks for Jesusí love,
free to all from Heaven above,
Working now in my Lordís name,
may I tell others the same.

That you love me, this I know,
strengthen me to let it show.
To bring more souls to Your feet,
bowed before Your mercy seat.
Daily Lord may my faith grow,
and more certain may I know,

Jesus Christ does forgive sins,
without Him I cannot win
Over earthís temptations great.
Keep my path on Your way straight.
So when this short life does end,
then for me Youíll Angels send.