Faith Ever True

Christ said, make me your shepherd and you shall not want.
But what did He mean by that? Was it just a taunt?

Did He promise us riches, meaning wealth on earth?
Or rather His saving grace, which came with our rebirth?

Was fame what Jesus promised, for those who do believe?
Perhaps instead, His comfort in times when we may grieve.

Maybe freedom from troubles and our cares in this life?
On the other hand, did He mean solace in earth’s strife?

Could a promised life of fun have been what He meant?
Consider instead the joy that our Savior sent.

When Christ said belief in Him would free us from want,
He meant eternal life if His word we do not flaunt.

So though toils and troubles here may plague us every day,
and illness grief and sorrow fall across our way,

We shall never want at night as we go off to sleep,
for Jesus to watch o’er us in our slumber so deep.

And waking on each new day with faith ever true,
Knowing Christ as our Savior will give strength anew.

So we should give thanks daily, as we begin the new day.
With our praise and thanksgiving as we humbly pray.

Asking His forgiveness of all our sins in the past,
and trusting in Christ Jesus, with a faith that will last.

Nothing else we then could want, would seem so important.
Compared to God’s love for us, that always is constant.