Blessed Peace

When I come to the end of another day,
And I speak to the Lord as I humbly pray,

Just what can I tell to Him? What shall I say?
Have I lived as I should for Jesus today?

I know He was watching and listening to me.
In His observation, just what did He see?

Did I try to in all things His servant be?
At times I could speak for Him, did I then flee?

Tíwas so easy to yield to temptationís call,
And on those occasions from His grace to fall.

Loving my enemies hardest of all,
Yet I must do it, Satan to forestall.

Believing in Jesus is the way to begin,
Admitting and showing repentance for sins.

Then worshipping Bethlehemís babe is akin,
To knowing Godís peace I will feel within.

Until from this life Iím laid to rest,
Iíll never by earthly toils and strife be distressed.

Because with the peace of Christ I will be free,
I must tell all about Him, wherever they be.

For even by what the world sees in my face,
Others will know that Satan has lost the race.

Then my soul will find its last resting place,
Assured by faith in Jesus Christís saving grace.