His Disciple

Learn of the story of Jesus.
How He came here to save us.
Sent from the Heavens by our God.
Read of the path that He trod.
Believe the story of Jesus.
Remember what He told us.
Accept the truth of His word.
He’s the only way to our Lord.
Follow the story of Jesus.
He came from sin to save us.
Unless we too forgive others,
no real faith in us stirs.
Proclaim the story of Jesus.
He means it for all of us.
Tell those you meet of our Savior.
Knock! He will open the door.
When a disciple of Jesus,
Then spread His message you must.
As you struggle amid earth’s strife,
you’ll show His love in your life.
Others will see Jesus in you.
Help make them His disciples too.