That None Might go Astray

Oh Lord of every Christmas past

And all of those to come,

We kneel before Your feet this day,

Who all our souls came from,

Your gift of Christ so long ago

Still blesses us today,

So we give thanks to You, oh God

As we now humbly pray,

Your blessings sent each day anew,

So bountiful for us,

May we recall the whole year through

The birthday of Jesus,

Who came to earth beneath His star

Which shone as bright as day,

Let His light shine through us to all,

So none might go astray,

Christ showed and told us how to live

And daily worship You,

Guide us, oh Lord, along life's way

So we'll to You be true,

The years ahead we cannot see

Nor future days foretell,

Lord give us strength to keep our faith,

That we may serve You well.