Who Was This Man Jesus?

Who was this man they called Jesus? What does He want with me now?

If only I could speak with Him, I would understand His word somehow.

Others have told me about Him, that He is with them each day.

How can that be? They canít see Him. Could it help if I would pray?

Those who believe in Christ Jesus, somehow seem different to me.

They show their faith to me daily, saying of sin theyíre set free.

Somehow I seem to be missing something about Christian friends.

For one thing they seem quite certain of, no fear when this life ends.

If only I could believe too, what they tell me of their Lord.

Perhaps I should look in the Bible, to read about Jesus Christís word.

When will I begin to listen to what He said on this earth?

They say He followed Godís wishes, right from the day of His birth.

They tell me love Him and serve Him. That there is no other way.

Only through Jesus can I hope to reach Godís Heaven some day.