To Forgive

Left with nothing but heartache by someone who offends.

What should be our reaction? On whom should we depend?

Sometimes we encounter those who would do us wrong,

Deceive others about us, persecute us so long.

Then how should we respond when hatred fills our hearts?

Would the act of forgiveness make our distress depart?

Recall we all have offended and disobeyed our God.

None never took a mis-step from the path that Christ trod.

Jesus forgives all our sins, if in Him we believe.

We must forgive others, if His blessings wed receive.

Its not easy to do this as we live life each day.

But just listen to Jesus and what He had to say.

Show love for those enemies who show us ill will.

Pray for His guidance when its quiet and still.

Allow Gods Spirit to enter your heart.

For you can make malice toward enemies depart.

Then youll feel a great burden disappear from your soul.

As the love of Christ Jesus once again makes you whole.