In Our Keeping

Jesus calls us to remember
That He left us with a task,
One thatís for each generation,
What is that then, you might ask.

Once He walked and talked with sinners,
Here upon this very earth,
Ushered in a new Salvation
That began with His own birth.

Told us that we must spread His word
To the whole world, far and wide,
That unless we did this for Him,
We would ne'er stand at His side.

Have you spoken for Him this week?
Told others of Jesus too?
Or has He this week been saddened
By silence that came from you?

Did you have a chance to offer
Words about His forgiveness?
Those who truly repent of sin,
That them He will forever bless?

Could you have brought someone to Him,
But held back and did not tell?
Then today resolve from now on,
That youíll serve Him long and well.

Here today but gone tomorrow,
Opportunities to show,
Others how to follow Jesus,
For be certain, He will know,

Whether you have spoken for Him,
Led others to follow, too.
In our keeping He has left it,
Each must decide what to do.