With You Always

The Holy Spiritís inspiration waits for you. If you accept
Christ as your Lord and Savior, His promises are always kept.

The Holy Spiritís reassurance will come as well if you request.
Ask, and your wish will be granted. Your life will be blessed.

The Holy Spiritís presence will keep your faith and your resolve
afire. The Spirit will help with problems you cannot solve.

The Holy Spirit will energize new strength from your Lord,
If you will follow in Christís footsteps, trying to live by His word.

With the Holy Spiritís guidance, you can stay on Christís course.
You will be able to feel each hour, within you Jesusí force.

The Holy Spiritís perseverance can stimulate your heart and soul.
Then you will never give up helping others to be made whole.

The Holy Spiritís consolation brings comfort when life goes wrong.
For faith in Jesus is the answer. It can turn tears into a song.

The Holy Spiritís reassurance can erase all uncertainty.
When halted by hesitation, believers are from sin set free.

The Holy Spirit can help you lead others to Jesus, your friend.
You will have done His work always, following Him to lifeís end.