Godís Promise

The Devilís darkness need not cast
A shadow on our souls,
For Jesus Christ came down to earth
That we might be made whole,

Temptations daily come our way,
We cannot them avoid,
When Jesus walked this earth as man,
They even made Him annoyed,

He taught us that the darker side
Of human base desire,
Could be eliminated when
We shine with Jesusí fire,

Our faith in God can overcome
The temptation to sin,
If we but recall Jesusí love
For us, weíll surely win,

When life goes wrong we must admit,
Two wrongs donít make a right,
Each day we have choices to make,
Against sin we must fight,

Remember Godís grace promises
Forgiveness of our sins,
If we truly believe in Him,
The Devil never wins,

So keep your heart and soul and mind
On Jesus as your Lord,
When tempted with the chance to sin,
Rely upon Christís word,

His strength will help you overcome
The choice to just neglect,
The homeless, hungry, weak and poor,
Christís way we must elect,

For Jesus knows our thoughts and acts,
They canít from Him be hid,
So follow in this life His path,
Try to live as Christ did.