The Only True Hope

With hope that comes only from Jesus
Despite all the trials of life,
True believers can conquer perils
That we all face amid earth’s strife.

So easy to become discouraged,
Adversities we all encounter,
Oft’ times we’d prefer to avoid them,
But life does not let us defer.

We are forced to make life’s decisions,
Decide just which way we should go.
Where can we seek help with our problems?
Who can to us the proper way show?

For those who know Jesus as Master,
He provides a respite from pain,
Our answers are found in the Bible
If we hear its message again.

So just look to Jesus for guidance,
His path is the only true course
To find our way through earth’s temptations,
Make decisions without remorse.

Believe and follow Him to find hope,
Remember the phrase "dust to dust",
God gave to us Jesus’ example,
His life on earth left the path for us.