The Patient Evangelist

The patience of Jesus is endless,
He watches and listens each day.
Observing our thoughts and our actions,
Aware of each word that we say.

His patience defies understanding.
Ignoring the example He set,
We wander from Jesusí path so much,
Appearing to Him just forget.

True patience of this sort is Divine.
Not attained by we mortal souls,
Who hurry to accomplish earthís tasks,
Oblivious of lifeís true goals.

And yet we must strive to be patient
When trying to win souls for God.
Remembering always to lead them
Ever closer to the path Christ trod.

Then pray for the patience that God shows
Even though we stray from His way.
So that those we meet who donít know Him
Will learn that Christ calls to them each day.

Thus patiently then we can lead them
To know and accept Christ as Lord.
There is no other way to the Father,
But to believe in Jesus Christís word.