Salvation by His Grace

Salvation through grace is Christís promise,
Unchanging as decades unfold.
It cannot be gained with earthly treasures,
Canít be bought with all of this worldís gold.

No amount of good works can earn it,
Nor service alone it attain,
For Jesus made this stipulation,
Only by His grace can we gain,

The assurance of life eternal,
In Godís Heaven, far from this earth.
Forgiveness of sin by the Master,
It all began with Jesusí birth.

He told them around Him so clearly,
Salvation comes only through Him.
For those who do not accept Jesus as Lord,
Their hopes after this life are dim.

Why did Jesus promise Salvation
Could be granted only by His grace?
Because His love for true believers
Permits them to look in His face.

Can you love all others as Christ did?
With love that is real for each one,
And treat them as sisters and brothers?
Thatís what we were taught by Godís Son.

Be quiet and listen for Godís voice.
Your course will then be clear to you.
Ask for the guidance of Jesus,
His answer will always be true.

And new hope will fill your whole being,
If you let the light of Christ in.
Tíwill shine through your own soul to others,
To show the path away from sin.