Praise Him How?

Why to praise Christ as our Savior?
Did He give something to us?
Our only chance for Salvation,
Came from the death of Jesus.

Which way to show Him we’re grateful?
Should we change our way of life?
Believe and repent for our sins,
Committed amid this earth’s strife.

Where does God want us to praise Him?
Just in church on Sunday morn?
No, the faithful praise anywhere,
Ever since they were re-born.

When should praises best be given?
At morning, noonday, or night?
Every day and at every hour,
We are always in God’s sight.

What should we do to praise Jesus?
Gratitude to Him we must show,
By how we tell others about Him,
Each and every place that we go.

How should we praise with our voices?
Show our appreciation?
Sing of His wonders for all to hear,
To save us there is only One.