Shall We Pray

Is there a best time for prayer?
It matters not when we seek
To speak to God quite directly,
Pray day and night, every week.

Prayers should give thanks to our Maker
For life and health, spirit too.
But most of all for Christ Jesusí
Offering Salvation to you.

Pray to Jesus when youíre lonely,
And need a friend to confide.
Heartache? Without a companion?
The Lordís arms are open wide.

What to tell God of your actions?
Sins to confess weíve all had.
If you show Him true repentance,
For His forgiveness be glad.

Pray for His guidance in this life,
So many choices each day.
How to win others to believe?
Think of what Jesus would say.

Too often we pray to ask for
Success in things of this earth.
Yet we know thereís only one way
To God, since Jesus Christís birth.

And how can we pray constantly?
Even when we are asleep?
Our subconscious mind in prayer
Can be, though our sleep is deep.

If we put Christ first in our lives,
Then prayer can also help heal
Ills of the body, soul and mind.
He knows if our faith is real.

Godís response to our prayers can be
Prompt or delayed; we canít know.
But be sure that He will hear you.
Have faith! In time it will show.