The Light That Never Fails

The forces of evil are legion,
They gnaw at our souls every day.
Awake or asleep , they are with us,
Ever trying to o’er us hold sway.

If we don’t resist they engulf us,
Determining what we shall do.
For Satan will never ever give up
His efforts to daily rule you.

For centuries devilish powers
Have held captive entire lives.
So many have fallen in this pit,
‘Tis on our weakness they thrive.

Is there no way we can defeat it,
The darkness that lurks in our hearts?
No real hope to escape from Satan
Before this life from us departs?

REJOICE! for there once came to this earth
One who over evil holds sway.
The Christ child was born to save us all,
His Spirit still with us today.

But how to combat all the evil
In thoughts and desires we feel?
Just believe and follow Christ Jesus,
And you’ll feel His power that’s real.

No one can resist evil alone,
All need Jesus’ strength, every one.
There is no other path we may choose,
If you’d be free, follow God’s Son.

Jesus hold’s the key to Salvation,
And gives us the will to resist
The powers of darkness and evil.
Believe Christ, He will you assist.

Your life can be blessed by the Savior,
And darkness replaced by His light.
If only you follow the Master,
Keep Jesus always in your sight.