What Is Repentance

Repentance by us, an admission
That we have sinned despite our Lord,
Who lived on this earth in human from,
Saying to us, "Follow My word",

Repentance for each one a real need,
The first step after we believe,
Without it there is no hope for us,
Jesus’ saving grace to receive,

Repentance is surely not easy,
But Christ said without it we’re lost,
So resolve today you will do it,
And show that you love Christ the most,

Repentance is a clear sign to God
That you’ll put Him first in your life,
There is no way to get around it,
As you struggle through this world’s strife,

Repentance must be a response to
A call from the soul within us,
It lays bare all of our misdoings,
And opens our hearts to Jesus,

Repentance, an act of contrition,
It signals a change in our soul,
Each one of us must feel it, truly,
Else we can’t by Christ be made whole,

Repentance for sins, not an option,
If we are to join Jesus’ flock,
We do it because He commanded,
Believers cannot stand and mock,

Repentance of sins is a clear sign,
That we have accepted Christ’s way,
Our response to temptations changes,
For Satan no longer holds sway,

Repentance does imply a promise
That we will resist future sins,
It must be an ongoing act, too,
If we are Salvation to win,

So stop and give thought right this moment,
Confess sins in your next sentence,
Uttered to our Lord in your prayer,
Rejoicing, you’ll feel repentance.