Too Late?

God sends us water from clouds in the sky,
He made the hills and the mountains so high,
Sunshine He provides to keep us all warm,
Sometimes He stirs up a terrible storm.

God give us parents, our Mother and Dad,
Makes some days happy and makes some days sad,
Covers the earth in the Winter with snow,
Provides all kinds of foods to help us grow.

Brothers and sisters, He sometimes gives both,
Good times and bad times help us in our growth,
Houses to live in and airplanes to fly,
Umbrellas and raincoats to keep us dry.

God makes the rivers all run to the sea,
He made the earth and the grass and the trees,
Makes the reflections we see in a lake,
All earth’s good things, each will choose what we take.

We must be careful, treat His earth with care,
He only gives us a short time to share,
All of the good things he allows us to use,
Unless we are careful, they are easy to lose.

What would this earth be without sun and moon?
No sun to see overhead at noon,
For so long we’ve thrown our trash in the sea,
And killed off the whales and elephants free.

The ducks and songbirds are now fading fast,
We wonder how long life on earth can last,
Polluting soil and rivers and air,
For so long we did not even seem to care.

Grandma and grandpa and earlier folks,
Just could not see until tragedies broke,
Oil in the sea killed the birds and the fish.
Could this have been prevented? Oh how we wish!

What shall we do with our junk and our trash?
Solving that problem will take lots of cash,
Is there enough time if we all awake?
If we begin to behave for earth’s sake.

Time’s running out with what God gave us here,
So all must take care of this round green sphere.
Will you help tell others, before it’s too late?
Unless we change our ways, what is earth’s fate?