On Easter Morn

On Easter morn they visit a church to worship there.
But other days they’re absent and show God little care.

Nor do they take time to think of Christ who died for all.
Month in and month out, all year Jesus they don’t recall.

No time for prayer each day, this life a hurried trip.
But oh, so soon the time comes when from their grasp life slips.

Who will speak out for Jesus, spreading His great good news?
Then help them to be faithful, that they may fill the pews

Must Christ rely on others, or will we fill this role?
He left us this commandment to reach out and win souls.

What will it take to start us to tell them Christ is Lord?
For there really is no choice, if we follow His word.

Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow, His evangelist to be,
At every opportunity, from sin to be set free.

Each soul now lost can be saved, but Christ depends on us.
To tell His story for Him, if we’re true to Jesus.

How great the joy in Heaven for each soul that is won,
to put their trust in Jesus. A new life thus begun.

The Easter message tells us that Christ lives in our hearts.
Believe, and follow Jesus. He’ll never from you depart.