A Glorious Sunrise

Sunrise was truly glorious. Jesus Christ was victorious.

And so the hosts of angels sang so loud that all the Heavens rang.

The crucified had been set free, for Jesusí tomb was quite empty.

He had ascended back to Heaven. Returned to God, where He had been.

Although no longer here in flesh, He gave to us all hope afresh.

For now the path had been made clear. We need no longer live in fear.

Cunning leaders of the crowd smiled, knowing not who they had defiled.

Little did they then realize, Jesus they had not recognized.

For the Messiah came to save. One who for them His own life gave.

Two thousand years have passed since then, but faithful souls still recall when

Christ died to save us all from Hell. We must His message to others tell.

Living as best we can for Him. Never letting His light grow dim.

The Holy Spirit always near, making Christís path for us so clear.

Follow Jesus. Make Him your Lord. Then accept the truth of His word.

For only He can forgive sin. He died that all might new life begin.

Praise God each morning, noon and night. Then one day rejoice in His sight!