From Morn to Night

When you awake each morning, to greet anew the day,
What should you first then utter? "Good morning Lord" and pray,

To thank Jesus for your life, for the chance Him to serve,
Then try to follow His path, and never from it to swerve,

Ask then that He forgive you, for sins of yesterday,
Pray that in your heart and mind, He will guide you through the day,

Knowing that He’s always near, just waiting for your prayers,
Aware of all you say and do, your struggles then He’ll share.

No day complete without it, despite earth’s daily cares,
If you would serve your Savior, you must seek God in prayer.

Prayerfully drift to sleep then, fatigued by the days cares,
But recall when you awake, to greet the morn with prayer.