Truly Sorry?

Are you sorry, asks the Master, for your sins against my word?
Have you paused now to consider whatís required by your Lord?

Can you look into the mirror, staring straight into your soul
And see one who is repentant, asking Christ to make you whole?

Have you fallen to your knees yet, bowing to the God of love?
Seeking only His forgiveness, feeling Christís hand from above.

Reaching down upon your shoulder, His hand there to reassure,
That the Son of God, your Savior, can all sinful wandírings cure.

But only for true believers who put Christ first in their life,
Then daily make the effort, to follow Him through earthís strife,

Oh how happy are Godís angels, when one soul repents of sin,
And then strives to live as Christ would, struggling against sin to win,

Lasting victory oíer the Devilís temptations of every kind,
Keeping Jesusí words before you, in your heart and in your mind,

Blessings showered on you daily, if you live your life for God,
Trying every day to follow, in the path that Jesus trod.