Who will you greet each morning, as you awake from sleep?
Will your first conversation, a promise to Christ keep?

Who can you thank for this life, as well as that to come?
None other than Christ Jesus, Godís gift to you, His Son

Weíre told that our salvation, comes only through Jesus,
So make Him now your Master, believe in Him you must

For thereís no other one who will always be nearby,
Ready to hear your prayers, as months and years pass by

This life of ours so fragile, might end most any day
So many get no warning, their souls are lost to stay

When they are not quite ready, to bid farewell to earth
But you will always be prepared, if you have known rebirth.

We each must be born again, said Jesus long ago
Else we never will see Heaven, and eternal tears will flow

But oh such hope He brought us! Bethlehemís babe was born
To tell us of Godís kingdom, so never need we mourn

Repent of sins and believe, then your sins He will forgive
Speak often to our Savior, who died that we might live