The Joy of Knowing Jesus

The joy of knowing Jesus as did disciples of old,
Who saw our Lord fulfilling what prophets had foretold,

Experience of that sort no longer can we share,
But lo, He has not left us, He knows our every care,

And watches us with interest as we pass through this life,
To learn just how we deal with its temptations and strife,

Nothing can you hide from Him, who made the universe,
Have you tried to hide from Christ? Even in His name cursed?

Or failed to utter His name to those who know Him not?
Were you afraid to tell them? Perhaps you just forgot?

Christ gave clear instructions for those who claim His name.
When you accept the Savior, your life can’t be the same.

E’en though as true believers salvation’s by His grace,
You must repent of your sins, for Him to them erase.

If you would follow His path and claim Him as your Lord,
At every chance that you get, you must proclaim His word.