Let Your Faith Show

My friend who always waits nearby,
My guide through this life day by day,
My shelter from earth’s perils too,
Do you also to Jesus pray?

He never refuses to listen,
He never fails to hear my plea,
He will not ever forsake me,
Do you believe Christ died for thee?

Our Lord permits us each to choose,
Our Lord forces none to believe,
Our Lord can make the foulest clean,
Do you in faith His love receive?

Jesus the man showed us the way,
Jesus died once to save us all,
Jesus’ offer is freely given,
Do you accept and heed His call?

Christ pardons sins if we repent,
Christ still saves souls, as long ago,
Christ welcomes all who accept Him,
Do you your faith in Him now show?

God sent His message for us to spread,
God now looks down on us below,
God wants us each to tell others of Him,
There’s no other way our faith can grow.