Its Our Own Choice

Jesus allows us, this we know,
each to decide to whom weíll bow.

Does your soul kneel at Jesusí feet?
His love can make your life complete.

All make their own choices in this life.
Where to seek guidance amid earthís strife?

The only sure and certain way
is for Godís help to humbly pray.

For Christ, available to all,
will always answer to your call.

Providing guidance every day,
if within His fold we stay.

But we must have true faith in God,
our guide the path that Jesus trod.

Each must repent of their own sins,
in order Jesusí help to win.

What joy is ours when we believe,
and thus Christís blessings do receive

Then spreading His word, meant for all,
seeking for others to on Him to call.

For Christ relies on each of us.
To tell of Him each day we must.

Rejoice! Make Jesus Christ your King,
and then His eternal praises sing.