To Christ We Pray

Holy Jesus, Lord of all,
In Your blessed name we call,

Thankful for this chance to speak,
As today Your love we seek,

Oh so grateful that You came,
In our hearts to light your flame,

Offering now our praise to Thee,
Who can us of sin set free,

Each with problems of our own,
May we Your pathway be shown,

Praying we may serve You well,
As we others of you tell,

Show us, Christ, what we should do,
That we may to You be true,

Blessed by knowing You as Lord,
Help us be true to Your word,

Still we stray away from You,
Fail in what we say and do,

Please forgive us when we sin,
As we try your grace to win,

We must choose to love You most,
Lest our souls are ever lost,

May our love for You now grow,
‘Til our lives Your radiance show.