Your Only Hope

Have lies and deceit eroded your soul?
Resentment and hatred slowly crept in?
Fearful and worried because of your sins?
Only Christ Jesus can make you whole.

Are cheating and greed a part of you now?
Hiding behind lots of falsehoods today?
Knowing your actions hurt others each day?
Only Christ Jesus can forgive your sins.

Who can you turn to for solace and comfort?
How can you ever make up for your sins?
What can you do a new start to win?
Only Christ Jesus can fulfill your need.

Fatigued and defeated have you no real hope?
No one around you to help as you grope?
There is just one way to find a new hope,
Only Christ Jesus forgives by His grace.

Afraid that your life may have all been a waste?
See no way out of your terrible strife?
Wondering if there is more to this life?
Only Christ Jesus will welcome you home.