To Trust in Jesus Only

I feel the Lord is near me each hour, both day and night
I want the Lord to watch me, even though not in my sight

I search my heart every day, to know which way to go
With trust that God will show me, if in my soul Christ glows

I see the world around me, the turmoil and the strife
So hard to love as Jesus does, amid the toils of life

I know my Lord is watching each thing I say and do
But often I donít please Him, my sins are quite a few

I trust in Jesus only, for He must be my guide
Satan can never capture me, with the Lord at my side

I ask the Lord to tell me, when choices face my heart
Just how Heíd have me choose, to not from His path depart

I hear His voice within me, sometimes when Iím alone
When Jesus died on that cross, for my sins He atoned

I tell the Lord that I will show to others Jesusí way
And help them to discover how Heíll guide them each day

I pray that God will give me the strength to always be
A recruiter for Jesus, His grace can set them free