Easter Angel

The Easter angel told them in words so firm and clear,

That Jesus Christ their Savior no longer rested here.

For just as He had told them, though they did not understand,

He had returned to Heaven as God His Father planned.

The Angel’s light so blinding, it shone brighter than the sun.

The women were so happy that they began to run.

They shouted out the message that Christ their Lord was gone!

T’was hard for them to grasp it, that Christ had really won.

If you believe the Bible and know what soon took place,

then now rejoice as they did when they met Him face to face.

And will this also happen, for each of us as well?

To walk and talk with Jesus who saved us all from Hell.

His Easter message for us, if we just choose to see,

is that He died to save us. We are from sin set free.