Darkness Overcome

Satan, who dwells in the hearts of us all,
Struggles each day so we falter and fall,

Even though we’re not aware of His strength,
Evil can capture our souls at length,

The Devil’s darkness we must earnestly fight,
Just know it can be overcome by Jesus’ light,

Only Christ Jesus can help us escape,
He can assure us our ultimate fate,

But we must first trust Him with all of our heart,
If we serve God alone, He will never depart,

God is our maker, so make Jesus your friend,
He will not desert you when earthly life ends,

His Holy Spirit will always be your guide,
Jesus waits for you, His arms open wide,

Thank God each day of your life here on earth,
Remember the Christ child’s miraculous birth,

Believe Him and be faithful, Jesus will know,
Your faith will protect you, wherever you go.