A Crafty Foe

Satanís host accompanies each one of us every day,
Always hoping they can make us from Jesusí path to stray,

Using just their subtle hints how we might commit a sin,
Always hinting in our mind, how to one more sinner win,

Fairness, honesty and trust are the targets they would hit,
So that we would compromise our principles a bit,

Each time defeated by our faith, they never ever quit,
Rather those dark forces will keep the Devilís fires lit,

How often have each one of us succumbed to Satanís tricks,
We tell ourselves that little sins perhaps a prayer will fix,

But Christ our Lord also knows when we wander from His way,
Hoping that we will then do better on the coming days,

So keep in mind that Satan is a truly crafty foe,
Know Jesus will support you then wherever you may go,

By following Christís example and maintaining a pure heart,
The Savior will protect you and never from you depart.