The Tempterís Power

Satan tempts us every day,
Strives to distract us when we pray,

Lurking always out of sight,
Watching us both day and night,

Knows how to hide within our hearts,
His threat never from us departs,

For He knows our weaknesses,
Faintly whispers what He says,

So easy to submit and sin,
As He tries our souls to win,

Daily threatened by His evil,
We must rely on Jesus still,

What can help us to resist,
Glowing brightly through life's mist?

The light of Christ can shield us,
If only we will serve Jesus,

For our Lord was tempted, too,
But trusted in the God He knew,

Do you know the God of love,
Watching over you from above?

Just ask for the strength you need,
To overcome lust, hate and greed,

Follow what our Master said,
Satan you'll no longer dread.