Pause to Pray

When troubles seem to overwhelm, and all seems to go wrong,
When problems in your life arise, confused the whole day long,
Just pause to pray for Jesusí help.

Tempted, you wander from Christís way, so easy to give in,
Recall that Satan always tries to entice you to sin,
Then pause to pray for Godís forgiveness.

Always remember Godís great gifts in your life on this earth,
Thankful before the throne of grace, for He caused Jesusí birth,
So pause to pray and give thanks to Him.

Christ told us what He wants from us, to come to Him in prayer,
And surely He does seek your love, you see Heís always there,
So pause to pray for deeper faith.

So many choices made each day, which ones will please your Lord?
Remember what Christ said and did, rely upon His word,
And daily pause to pray for His guidance.

Success always beyond your reach? Your progress seems to stall?
Your hopes and dreams have not come true? No one answers your call?
Then pause to pray for patience.

Do others seem to avoid you, and you feel all alone?
Then seek Jesus Christ as your Lord, He can your sins atone,
Then pause to pray, for He will listen.

When sometimes all goes well in life, good fortune smiles on you,
When all seems right and nothing wrong, and all your dreams come true,
Then pause to pray and give God all the glory.