The Christmas Star

Christmas eve came to an end,

Still His star shone bright.

Heaven's angels God did send.

Shepherds cringed in fright.

Wise men hurried t'ward the star

Over Bethlehem.

As the three kings journeyed far,

Bringing gifts with them.

Mary knew the time had come.

Jesus birth was near.

Far from where they had come from,

On that night so clear.

Humble from His birth He'd be,

Son of God, so small.

Came from sin to set us free,

Off'ring life to all.

Born to be the king of kings,

In a stable bare.

Herod's knowledge of events

Gave him quite a scare.

All who saw Him that first day,

Manger for His bed.

Little could they know or say

Of His years ahead.

Centuries have passed since then,

Billions born and died,

Saving grace for all came when

That small Babe first cried.

None could know how He would end

His days as a man,

With a cross His back did bend,

Following God's plan.

Born to die for you and me,

Bowed that sacred head.

Ridiculed and tortured, He,

T'was for us He bled.

But the light of Jesus' star

Still shines bright for all.

Beckons us who are afar,

To the Babe so small.

Christmas marks the birth of one

Sent to save us all.

Him of God the only Son,

Will you heed His call?

How sweet to face with Jesus

This life's daily strife.

What can His love bring you?

Just eternal life!

Blessing those who know His Son,

God can set you free.

By your faith salvation won,

Christ you'll one day see.

God allows us each the choice.

None forced to believe.

Each must pray in their own voice,

Heaven to achieve.

Jesus knows what's in our hearts.

Him we can't deceive.

He's aware, as souls depart,

Whether they believed.

The Bible offers promise,

No one needs to fall.

One pathway, and only His;

Answer Jesus' call.