Despite Calvary’s cross Christ is with us each day,
Just waiting for us to seek Him.
But each must choose whether to follow His way,
Before earth’s light for them grows dim.

As each day follows night, time races on.
Wonders unfold and abound.
Opportunities appear for each to serve
Christ, in His kingdom all around.

So how can we serve Him and what should we do?
The Bible makes this clear to all.
First believe Jesus and accept His word,
He will provide strength if you call.

His path is not easy, so make no mistake.
The choices you must make are hard.
But He forgives sin if you truly believe.
Remember, His door is not barred.

He offers no freedom from ills in this life.
But our stay here on earth always ends.
We only can hope when our eyes close at last,
That Jesus for each of us sends

An Angel, to take us to our Heavenly home.
Eternal life with Him to spend.
So choose now which road you will follow today,
and where you’ll be when earth’s path ends.