Easter Dawns

Disciples did not move it upon that fateful night.
The eleven, all unfit. For they had hid in fright.

Christís crucifixion finished. A boulder sealed His tomb.
Pharisees had what they wished, in ever darkening gloom.

But only two days followed. Soon came first light of sun.
Then dazzling light from His tomb flowed. A new day had begun.

The sentry, he had vanished. Far from the tomb heíd run.
Two came there from Godís Heaven, gleamed brighter than the sun.

For Jesus Christ did arise! No longer did He sleep.
Still He tries to open our hearts, Godís promises to keep.

So make your Lord Christ Jesus, who lives among us now.
Just ask. Heís listening for you, and He will show you how

to live as God would have you. Each must at His throne bow.
If you will to Him be true, by Christ youíll be saved now.