Each Must Choose

It is so easy to wander
Away from the path of our Lord
And let our thoughts of Jesus stray
"Things"draw us, not His word

Riches of this earth so attractive
Property, wealth, leisure and fame
All of them drawing our allegiance
Making love of Christ not our aim

How then to direct your attention?
What do you place first in your heart?
Will you put Jesus in first place
Or give Him just a small part?

Values in life we must each choose
Christ asks that you place Him first
Otherwise your life will be pointless
And your fate in the future worse

Think long and hard of this each day
Make Jesus the Lord of your heart
Worship Him first, last and always
Of His kingdom you will be a part

His reward is everlasting.
Material wealth is so brief.
Serve Jesus as Lord and Master.
When you join Him, have no grief.