Who is Your Savior?

Have you made Jesus your Savior?
Is He truly the Lord of your life?
Or are you crushed by lifeís struggles,
an endless procession of strife?

You need not let torments rob you
of happiness God meant for all.
Recall the Babe in a manger?
The Son of God came here, so small.

He will be beside you every day,
will sustain and guide your footsteps.
Accept Him now as your Master.
Youíll see His promises are kept.

Christ forgives sinners who repent,
but only if deep in their hearts.
He knows if they feel true repentance.
Their burden of sin then departs.

The light of the world is Jesus.
Let His light shine out from your soul.
Believe in the Christ child completely.
Life for you then will be made whole.

Even though our stay here is a brief one,
our Godís kingdom is forever.
Those who here do forsake Him,
surely will see Heaven never.

Only believe! Only believe!
Jesusí message rings through all time.
Your faith and trust in the Savior
will bring eternal life sublime.