Giving Thanks

Give thanks for each day in this life,
And chances it will to you bring.
To tell others of Christ Jesus,
And aloud His praises to sing.

Win souls for Him by your witness,
By your words and acts before others.
For the sake of Christ your Savior,
Make them your sisters and brothers.

Be thankful your Lord forgives sins
For those who in Him do believe.
And live as He taught that we should,
Thus His blessings to then receive.

Pray daily to express your thanks
For Godís love and concern for you.
Spread His work to all that you can,
Know salvation by faith is true.

How fortunate we who know Christ,
And perceive the depth of His love.
For all of us here in this life,
He sent His own Son from above.

Thanksgiving brings special focus
On all of the blessings we share.
So live as our Savior taught us,
Put your soul in Jesus Christís care.